Saturday, December 25, 2010

Story Story Story

Merry Christmas everbody !!!
it's 3 hours more to greet 26th dec
time went really quick rite?

fren, u know 3 days ago
i watched a series film wif title Zhong Wu Yen
that film is narrate about a girl wif birthmark at her left-up-face
since she was a little girl, till she went up to be a woman
everyone who looked at her, ALWAYS talk about her face
no one wanna be her fren
have u ever thought how pity is this kind of girl?
even thought she is a 'ugly' girl, but she is a really kind n smart girl

(i exactly know, nowadays most of people just see a person from her/his face
just a few people look a person from her/his innerbeauty)

she loves a guy name Qi Xuan
in this story Qi Xuan is a really handsome n rich boy
every girl like him
but, Wu yen love him not bcause he is handsome n rich
but because of something that happen in the past

till one day,she have to meet Qi Xuan in a bad situation
n Qi Xuan said 'Hey, are u a monster? how can your face have a really bad birthmark?'
hey guys, if u are in this situation, how would your heart be?
broken? falling down from 20 floor of building?
however, day by day, wu yen take a big change for qi xuan
and .....
u can know the full story by see the film
i am lazy to write the story fren, it's too long
gud naiD :)
have a great christmas :)

there are the photo :)

wu yan n xia ying chun

xia ying chun (i really like her!!! she is very very awesome)

this girl (wu yan)
also act in the film that tile PS Man
in this film she is really beauty,
this is the photo

wu yan is the blue-dress one :)

this is the real wu yan :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

hello bloggers :)

lah lah lahh
aku sayang sekaliii

i sing that crazy song for lots of time
what's wrong with me?
also dragon ball's song
u know that song ?
'cahaya cinta perlahan menyilaukan
itulah mmpi kehidupan ke2
mmpi iituuuuu..... darimana datangnyaaa????'
i sure u know this song
a famous cartoon's song

hey bloggers
this morning when i was at school
my fren told me a lot of story of her
but i'm sorry, i can't tell u
bcause i knew it's her privacy
i also told her my 'a little privacy'
n i believe,she wouldn't tell anyone about it

i think i don't have any problem
but i dn't know why
why's my feeling tell me something bad will happen
it's make me feel really not comfort
i hope this feeling will disappear as quick as it can :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

will u care ?

my mom ask me go to taipan restaurant tonite
i don't want go there
in fact, i am jealous cause i think my mom only want to stay @home with that damn baby !

Friday, November 5, 2010


really confused
i make over my blog which i never update for a few year
n finally i prefer to give up n have a sweet dream